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Technology Opportunities in Hong Kong/Shenzhen/and the rest of Southern China

Jack Lau

Summer 2016


Dear Friends:  


Over the years, I have had the privilege to meet a great number of you who have shared with me many of your great thoughts and experiences, especially in technology trend and opportunities.  And as we have witnessed, indeed technology changes have affected us a great deal in so many different ways.  I thought about organizing some of my observations and writing them down.  Hence, the idea of writing a blog.  I do hope that my tiny effort can help promote further the technology awareness in this region.   I am particularly interested in technology opportunities in Hong Kong/Shenzhen/ and the rest of Southern China.   


This is a new experience for me.  And, I hope that you can enjoy reading it as much I have enjoyed writing them.  I am sure the blog can be improved in so many different ways, and I certainly welcome your suggestions.  






P.S.  I have used the image of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), my beloved campus in the blog as a background.  But, in no way am I implying that this is a HKUST effort nor is this blog or venture sanctioned by the HKUST.  I merely want to showcase a beautiful campus which I had the fortitude of being acquainted, and a campus which have and continue to promote technologies, science, and talents in this region.  




多年來,有幸認識了你。 從你身上學習良多。尤其是你跟我分享了許多你對科技的經驗和觀點;特別是在技術的發展趨勢和機遇。






寫博客對我來說是一個全新的體驗。我希望您喜歡盡閱讀; 就像我喜歡寫作。我相信博客可以在很多不同的方面進步。我當然希望聽到您的建議。







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