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Artificial Intelligence is not magical, but we believe we can master it --- one application at at time, and leveraging the best resources in the region 

Our Story

Two chains of thoughts on A.I. are popular. One is that there should be a "Master" Algorithm --- a powerful algorithm which can be universal.  The other thought is that A.I. is difficult because both data and algorithm need to be painstakingly handled in order to be useful.  The expectation of having a "Master" A.I. Algorithm and the reality of requiring massive customization seem not be compatible. 

At Swanland.AI, we believe the correct A.I. deployment can only be successful if there is a generic enough algorithm which can be rapidly deployed and yet which can be easily customized. 


Our approach to the problem is always to work with domain and application experts together with our master algorithm designers.  

And, how?  The question of how is not merely a technical question, but a business proposition.  In this part of the world (Hong Kong), we have accumulated a number of domain professionals.  Their decades of experiences are more often than not, world standard.  Started in Hong Kong, most domain experts have applied to the rest of the world, including both China and North America.  The missing piece is represent their human experience in the new A.I. world.  

And, that's where Swanland.AI strategy comes in to play.  We provide technical expertise, financial resources, and sometimes management experiences to help these professionals turn their experiences into the the A.I. world.  

Stay with us, and talk to us.  We want to march towards the cutting edge of deep learning together with you.

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