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Long Time No Talk and "GPT-3" Robot Writing

J. Lau, August 31st, 2021

Sorry readers. It has been quite a while since we last posted anything. The absence of updating the blog has no good excuse. It is one of those millions of silly and no-good reasons.

Well, while we have not posted for a while, it does not mean that there are no exciting thing happening.

One technology that has definitely caught our eyes is something called GPT-3. Yes, it does like a name of a droid from Star Wars.

Actually, GPT-3 stands for Generated Pre-trained Transformer. (Yes, it sounds even more like a droid from Star Wars.)

GPT-3 is actually a "scary" technology to many. Developed based on the latest Artificial Intelligence, it can actually write any message, report, or book you want AUTOMATICALLY!

To give you an example, say, I want to write a blog on "My Trip to Mars". Obviously, I have never been to Mars. But, using A.I. technology, GPT-3 crawls for thousands of articles on things like space travel, Mars, aeronautics, and it can then write by itself a Blog that is as real as I had been to Mars.

The technology is so potent that people are afraid of someone using it to create fake news. No kidding. How does a human tell from just a paragraph on something whether events have actually happened.

In fact, people are so concerned about the technology that Open AI, the creator, sort of has to vet you before allowing you to use it.

A group of Professors at Stanford are sounding the alarm bell on the implications of this potent technology.

The technology, once it has anchored on a focal point, will compose (write) based on that "bias".

Professor Percy Liang of Stanford said," a single point of failure, so any defects, any biases which these models have, any security vulnerabilities . . . are just blindly inherited by all the downstream tasks,”

Of course, on the flip side is that it is saving humans a lot of time. One application for GPT-3 is to actually use it to write software itself. Yes, A.I. software is used to create more software.

If you are interested, watch this video

on how GPT-3 can automatically create a web page (since GPT-3 has analyzed many examples of web pages. If you are short on time, start watching from 3:44 minutes.

Or, you can also watch this video: on how to just type a simple text and a web page is created.

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