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  • Jack Lau

Technology Tsunami. What can you do?

The tech world has gone literally crazy again in recent months. Alibaba 11/11 sale, Tencent record breaking stock price, possible US $100 Billion merger of two chip giants in America (Broadcom and Qualcomm),…

  • Let's share some crazy numbers first:

  1. 11/11 sale on Alibaba yesterday: US$25.3 billion (last year it was about US$18 billion)

  2. Amount of subscription for China Literature, a Tencent spin off: US$100 billion (600 times oversubscribed; with a half year profit for US$32.2 million)

  3. Just for fun, Hong Kong's annual revenue: about US$60 billion.

Two Robots Arguing

In addition, have you seen two cloud talking machines fighting (verbally) on each other? Scary. Yet, let's assure you this can easily happen. VERY SCARY! We could not verify the source, and should probably try it at home and see. But, it seems plausible enough.

Taiwan Again

Just visiting Taiwan. Have always loved the food, the culture and the people here. But, we were told that 700,000 of them are working in Mainland China. Let's assume for a moment that they are mainly skilled people, and mostly technical folks.

OK. If the technology revolution is scaring you, what can you do? Well at least try to learn a bit we suppose.

What are you going to do? Well, we assume that most of you reading this blog are quite set at what you are doing. Then, no worries. Congratulations.

But, with all these new technology and the colossal amount of investment and excitement, do any of you feel left out.

And, if you have some youngsters, what do you tell them?

Actually, the author here has been paying attention to this on line course site (mostly on technology stuff).

This is a site called Udemy ( Now this is very different from the on line learning such as Coursera.

Udemy is a market place for courses , charging as little as US$10 per course. The courses are very concise and up to date. You don't need to have much background in the subject. So far, we have tried a couple ones and all very satisfied. With a computer, and a bit patient, you literally walk out with a new skill set. And, there is little time wasted in the subject matter learned. Most of the course environment is given to you and for you to try on your own computer. For US$10, the materials covered and stuff we learn must have put some traditional classes to shame.

No wonder Udemy has thus far been able to raise US$173M since founded 7 years ago.

Last word, kids probably should play with some courses offered than pretending to be another Star Wars Stormtrooper (ha ha, coming from Jedi like us, that is a strong statement).

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