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2 Consumer Play: YeeChoo (Hong Kong)/ Carousell (Singapore) 兩間非常有前途為消費者成立的科技公司 。 一間在香港的 Yeechoo 一間

I know most people are probably focusing on the Didi/Uber China deal. Indeed a big deal. Combined the new Didi is worth more than US$36 billion. But, today, I would like to talk about 2 companies which I found fascinating.

Only a few hours ago, we heard on the news wire that a company called Carousell, founded by some young Singaporean entrepreneurs successfully raised US$35M. That is good stuff.

When we read that news, we immediately thought of another company in Hong Kong called YeeChoo, which recently won the support of the Alibaba competition and apparently is now funded by Alibaba.

While one is in Singapore and the other in Hong Kong, both share a few similarities. Both companies are founded by young folks who try to address problems they themselves face. Time and again, we see people succeed in business because they are passionate in finding a solution for their everyday problem.

YeeChoo's founder really address a serious problems a great number of ladies face --- to buy a new dress is expensive and is particularly not worth it if you only wear it once. So, why don't you just rent. Yet, where do you rent from? There must be a serious trust factor --- both suppliers and end users must trust the system. And, there must be selection as well.

Carousell's founders also address a everyday problem. It does look like an ebay at first glance. There is also a trust factor involved. The site, apparently available in a number of countries now (Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong etc.) Carousell essentially allows people to post what they want to sell and show to potential shoppers. On its web site, it listed that there are about 60 employees. So, it is pretty light weighted (low overhead) --- that is a great thing.

Both are founded nearly the same time, roughly in 2012-2013 time frame.

I also like the companies because the problem they address are universal, regardless of the regions. So expandability is a definite possibility.

So, these are young companies (young but not new), founded by young entrepreneurs, addressing day to day problems they themselves probably face, not too heavy in terms of overhead, requires serious trust factor, expandable to other regions, and have traction.


我知道大多數人可能關注於滴滴/Uber中國的交易。確實是一個大交易。結合後新的滴滴價值超過 US $ 37億。但是,今天,我想談一談另外2家公司。

只有幾個小時前,我們聽到的消息,一家名為Carousell,成功募集了US $ 35M。 Carousell

是一些年輕新加坡人的企業家創辦的。那是令人震奮。 當我們讀到這消息,我們立即想到另一家在香港的公司。它叫做YeeChoo,最近獲得了阿里巴巴的支持。




Carousell基本上可以讓人們張貼他們想出售的貨物; 並展示給潛在的消費者什麼。


兩者都成立幾乎同一時間,在大約2012 - 2013年的時間框架。

我很喜歡這些公司。因為他們解決的問題是很多普通人遇到的。 這些問題也是沒有無地區性的限制。因此,它們的生意很有往其他地區發展可能性。 還有,這些都是年輕的公司(年輕的,但不是新的)。由青年企業家創辦,解決一天他們自己可能面對的,在開銷方面不太重。只要它們能建立誠信,便可擴展到其他地區。



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